What’s Been Happening on My Island

It’s not as Grymm as it Sounds

A few months ago I had one of those experiences that really made my day. You know the ones.. a totally unexpected cool thing happens, and it leaves you floating around giddy like a school girl.

I was reading through my email from coppersteam.com, which I must sadly report is typically 99% penis-enlargement pill ads and other junk like that, when I noticed I had an email from the desk of Dr. Grymm. Now, I knew the name because I’d often been to his web site while searching inspiration for my own work, I even have a link to his site from this one, but why would he be contacting me? A thought briefly passed through my head… that he’d seen the link on my site and wanted me to kindly delete it. But as it turned out, he was interested in perhaps putting some of my work in an upcoming show he curates annually up in Connecticut called the Steampunk Bizzare, and would I call him at my earliest convenience. I read this email a few times trying to figure out if it was some joke or perhaps he’d sent it to the wrong address. Then it sunk in and I had one of those moments of pure joy.. my brain was doing the happy dance! Someone actually found my site and liked my stuff! And on top of that it was one of the people I looked up to for inspiration! How cool is that.

I called and spoke with him, and got the skinny on the show. It sounds very cool, and I can’t wait to be involved in it! Turns out that It was too late to get into the 2010 show because it was imminent, but he was collecting work for the 2011 show, which is perfect for me since at the time I’d not even finished the Aether Reactor. Now I have a year to put together a couple more pieces, and a deadline to look forward to! I always work better with deadlines.

Dr Grymm Strikes Again

I had another of these moments just recently when Dr. Grymm began collecting photos of Steampunk Art for a coffee table book called “1000 A Steampunk Collection” and I recieved another email from the desk of Dr. Grymm.

Well, this email was actually from one of his loyal minions, but still… he was looking for submissions and if I was interested could I please send in a few shots for his perusal. Well, heck yeah! So I submitted a few photos, and a couple days later got a response that they would like to include my work in the book. SWEET!

So I had to get off my arse and photograph the Aether reactor post haste. I’d had my artist/photographer friend Jeff League shoot my previous work, but he’s in Orlando and I’m in Key West.. too long a trip for some photographs! It was time to step up to the plate and dust off my photography skills. I ordered a paper background from B&H and got to work. I managed to do an OK job, and the shots look close enough to Jeff’s work to give all the pieces a cohesive look. I guess at this point beggars can’t be choosers, so I’m going with what I got!

At any rate, exciting things are afoot! It’s cooler than I can say to be considered for any type of public display.. show or book. It still feels a little surreal, like it’s not really happening. I mean, I just started doing this stuff.. I haven’t even done my best work yet! But I’m certainly not one to look a steam horse in the mouth, I’m delighted and energized to continue steaming along!

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