The Crane Fountain


I built this Crane fountain over the course of a couple of weekends. I had built a small fountain in my back yard, consitising of a small pool filled with rocks, and a copper pot on a stand in the center of it. The pump was under the stand and the water pumped up into the pot and overflowed into the pool. It was pretty cool, but it splashed so much that the pool would empty itself in about a week. Enter evil mike! I decided to replace the pot with a steampunk Crane fountain.

For having totally winged this thing with very little planning I think it came out pretty well. As usual, I look at it now and think of all the ways it could be better, but I’m not letting that get me down. When I decide to build another one I can implement all of those ideas.

Once again, it’s just typical household copper pipe fittings with some sheet copper wings. There is a red glass globe attached in the ribcage to catch the light when the sun hits it. All in all a pretty simple design. I’m just glad it didn’t leak!

Sorry for the crap photos, these were snapped with my iPhone.

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