SteamAmp II


It’s cool to see it in the flesh as compared to my 3D model of it that I posted a few months ago.. I think it looks pretty darned close to the concept!

A few technical details for the nerds; the amp circuit is a hot-rodded version of the S5 Electronics K12G amp. I upgraded all the caps, and replaced the stock output transformers with a nice pair from Edcor. There are 5 inputs, 4 on the back, one on the front, and the volume knob is a stepped attenuator. The amp puts out 8 watts per channel and uses 4 10GV8 triode tubes in push-pull.

The speakers are Tang-Band W4-1879’s and the copper spheres are ported through the bases with a 1×4″ flared port. The enclosures are reinforced inside with epoxy resin-soaked fiberglass matte, and they are very solid. They sound amazingly LARGE for such small drivers! I couldn’t be happier.

This was a really challenging piece, not so much because the construction itself was that difficult, but because here in my new workshop the air has so much salt in it that the copper tarnishes really, really quickly if it’s not coated right away after polishing. I’ve re-finished every piece of this thing twice! It’s now wrapped it in plastic and closed up in a box until I finish the speakers. I’ll unwrap it and get some good professional photos of the whole set together, and then ship it as quickly as I can to get it out of this harsh environment and on to it’s owner in Connecticut!


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