The New Command Desk for the Ævil Lair

Industrial Steampunk Desk


Upon returning to the mainland after 6 years running away from reality, I found myself with no furniture. Not that I’m complaining. It’s a pretty good feeling to find yourself without physical baggage. You get to start over.. re-invision your world with a fresh eye, and do things the way you wish you had the first time.

I’ve always built my own work benches and desks, but I never really put any thought into them beyond functionality. They served their purpose, but they never really created a cohesive image. Starting out with basically a blank slate, I decided that this time I wanted my work tables to represent a bit more of the feel of the world I lived in in my head.

I googled industrial and steampunk desks for days, and of all the myriad designs out there, I kept coming back to these huge cast-iron machine tables. They were so cool, but very much out of my price-range. The interior design industry has discovered them, and is re-purposing to their hearts content, selling them for thousands. They are really cool, but not five grand cool. Well at least not for someone with my paltry income.

So I decided to build my own.

I reverse-engineered elements from a few different tables that I liked and built a 3D model in Maya. I then took that model into Illustrator and drew up some plans. I took a trip to Lowes to buy some plywood and I was off!

The entire desk is built from one 4’x8′ sheet of 3/4″ furniture-grade plywood, and one 2’x4′ sheet of 1/2″ ply. The top is a hospital-grade solid core 36″x84″ door. Add yerself a few 3/4″ stainless nuts and threaded rod and bob’s yer uncle.

The legs are sandwiched pieces of ply. I rounded the edges, filled in the corners with bondo and sanded it all smooth. The finish is just that “stone” spray paint from Lowes, covered over with “cast iron” engine enamel. Easy peasy. It really does look like real cast iron. Even without the top, it’s a heavy beast. You could probably park a car on this thing without too much worry. All in all I’m super thrilled with the way it came out!


2 thoughts on “The New Command Desk for the Ævil Lair

  1. Great job on the desk/table Mike. do you have any measurement on the desk/ table that you would share. I’m trying to build one as I speak. It’s been one cut after another trying to design your table. I love the look of it. Thank you for your time.. Robert Reid

    • Hey Robert! Sorry for the long delay in responding, I do have a plan of sorts that I worked from, there are scant dimensions, but it is drawn to scale. I could email it to you in a pdf format if you still are in need. Let me know, my email is


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