Necessity is the Mother of Invention?


Seeming as how I’m between pieces at the moment, I thought now would be a good time to take a couple of weeks and build myself a decent workspace.  She never complained, but I think Christina was about ready to strangle me for working on the kitchen counter all the time…

Seeing how we have very little room in our apartment, it needed to take up a small footprint and yet have enough storage for all my crap! Off to maya! After I had a relatively decent 3D model worked up, I hit the local Home Depot and bought a bunch of wood. Two weeks and a few on-the-fly inspirational design changes later.. voila! Workbench!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

1 thought on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention?

  1. A former “manager” of mine used to tell me: “If you maintain organization, organization will maintain you.” It used to really piss me off. The logic, however, was accurate. Nice job Mike.

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