It’s starting to Take Shape (Finally)


This piece is finally starting to come together. A funny thing happened when I was working on it a few weeks ago. I had turned the thing over to work on the bottom side of it to figure out how I wanted to go about building the stand, and when I happened to step back and look at it, it hit me: HOLY CRAP, it’s UPSIDE DOWN!

Well, yes, it was upside down, but what I mean was that it looked BETTER that way! All of the things that bothered me about it suddenly didn’t bother me any more, the lights went on and the gears started turning.. all of a sudden I knew that this piece might actually be pretty cool. It was a great relief, because I had begin to dread this… this… monstrosity. It had become my albatross. Well the bird it sank like lead into the sea… and I was free!

I built the little wooden control box where I would hide the transformer, added a cool old brass gauge that I’d bought off ebay, built the stand, and got all of the lights in and wired up, and now it’s just down to the little details.. it needs some more cleaning and some polishing, I have to build the front instrument panel and wire the switches and lights, add some more details to the stand, put some adjustable footies on it, and well.. almost two years from when I began.. I will be DONE with it!

More photos to come soon!

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