Floor Standing Horn Torch Lamp


It’s pretty safe to say that I have an obsession with high-end audio as well as steampunk design. I especially like some of the more exotic speaker configurations out there like horn drivers. It only stands to reason then, that when I sat down to design a standing lamp, that eventually I’d wind up with something along these lines, only instead of a speaker in the horn, we have a light! The diameter at the top of this thing is 18″, and I’m thinking it stands about 6 feet or so tall. 

The stand will be a wooden tripod with brass hardware, and the top horn will be made from sectioned copper sheets similar to (but much larger than) the copper flares I made for the Æthereal speakers. Should be quite challenging, and god knows I love a good challenge!

I think I may actually start on this piece this week. My living room could definitely use some extra light!



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