Final Shots of the Æthereal One Speakers

Here are a series of photos of the newly finished Æthereal One speakers that go along with the DEUXamp system. These were a blast to build, and by blast I mean I lost sleep and grew a few more grey hairs in my beard during the process! And yes, they sound as great as they look! Actually they sound pretty amazing if I do say so myself… I am going to have a very hard time parting with this system when someone decides to take them off my hands.


6 thoughts on “Final Shots of the Æthereal One Speakers

  1. Very nice indeed, i am curious about the internal size of your ported enclosure. I’ve been playing my W8 1808 in open baffle, and at the moment in a transmission line. But the size you’re showing here would be very atractive to me.

    Best Regaards
    B.K. Visser (holland)

  2. Hi Bauke

    I modeled these boxes using BassBox Pro and wound up with a box just over 90 litres. The port is essentially a 4″ flared port tuned for a completely flat response as low as I could get it to go. I don’t remember the depth but it was in the 3″ to 3.5″ range. There’s very minimal dampening material in the box because I found that the more I added, the deader the speaker sounded. It really does like an unobstructed airflow. I just used foam on the back of the cabinet behind the driver, and I found that to be best, at least to my ears.

    I originally had intended to use these drivers open-baffle, and they did sound amazing in the mid to high range like that, but I was looking for a bit more bass response without having to add a subwoofer. These cabinets really will shake the room.. they have a very low resonance.. it’s almost mesmerizing.. 🙂


    • Hey Vincent, thank you! And no, I haven’t sold them, they are gracing my living room right now.. not sure I want to sell them.. but everything has I price, right? 🙂


  3. Dear sir,
    I live in Greece,I just bought a pair of tang-band 1808w 8′,,to build a loudspeaker.I like very much yours,and I wish to make it.can you help me?dimentions,wood,inside,e.t.c.
    Yours sincerely,Kostas

    • Hi Kostas, sorry for the really, really long response time. I don’t actually have my drawings in front of me right now, but I can tell you that the outside dimensions are 13 x 13 x 45. The walls are 3/4″ MDF, there are two braces inside, and no stuffing. The port is 4″ x 4″ I believe. It’s a very simple design!

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