Building the Æthereal One Speakers

After finishing up the DEUXamp, it was time to get moving on some matching speakers. It has been quite a many years (probably close to 18) since I’ve built a proper pair of speakers. The last pair I built were a small bookshelf pair with some Dynaudio 6″ woofers in them. Those were less than a foot tall, and didn’t take a whole lot of effort. This new pair I had in mind were almost the exact opposite of those.. tall, ported and clad in solid wood veneer. I started by choosing a driver; the Tang Band 18-1808. I originally wanted to build these speakers without boxes, and suspend the drivers in some sort of funky brass swivel-type mount reminiscent of those old microphones, but after I’d finished the amps, I started having a hankering to see more wood in my system, so I decided upon ported boxes. I fired up Bass Box Pro and plugged in the driver specs, and came up with a tall ported box design that had the same footprint as my amps, so at least for kicks, they could be stacked. That’s probably not the most sonically prudent course because tube amps are microphonic, and thus sensitive to vibration. But hey, they look super cool that way.. Anyway. Long Story short, I decided to cover them with the same wood I used with the amps, and added some maple stripes on the front to add some spice. A design decision that I may not have made had I known what a pain in the ass it was going to be to execute.

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