Building a Copper Flared Port


Well, halfway through the construction of my Æthereal One Speakers project, I decided it would be really cool to have copper ports instead of the store-bought black plastic ones. This is of course one of those times when I should just say to myself.. no.. really Mike.. you don’t want to do this… just get the plastic ones… it’ll be so much easier.

Apparently I have no internal dialog because I went ahead with this idea.

So I ran down the copper-flared-port road, hands waving in the air squealing like a little schoolgirl about how cool it was going to be. That was when the harsh-reality bear dragged me into the woods and had it’s way with me. It will take years of therapy to get over this experience, BUT.. I come out the other end with some good experience, a rather bad case of carpel-tunnel, and a couple of kick-ass flared ports.

I actually went out and bought a slip-roll to pull this off, it’s something I’ve always wanted, and I just couldn’t see any way of doing this project properly without it. It took me a couple weekends to just get to the point where my wooden form was ready to use, then it was a painstaking and tedious process of shaping each section of copper to mate perfectly with the one next to it, then soldering the joint.

After all of the sections were together, I soldered a second layer on the underside of the flange to add strength to the lip, and to prevent the solder joints from separating along the outside edges.

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