Boiler Wall Sconce Concept

Boiler Wall Sconce

Is your airship a little gloomy? Mine too. Who couldn’t use a little more ambient light in those dark corridors. I’ve got just the thing!

The Boiler Wall Sconce measure in at 11″ diameter overall, and makes use of a 3″ fresnel lens to gently light your way. Can be oriented either up or down. Made from solid brass and copper of course, and the wooden base can be any wood that suits your fancy. Personally, I’m partial to Black Walnut, but hey, that’s just me. Lighting is low-wattage incandescent or LED due to heat issues, higher wattage bulbs would require vent holes, and I’m not sure I want to mar the surface with holes.

This is of course a concept rendering, I haven’t actually built one of these yet, but it’s on the list for the not-so-distant future. You can bet I’ll be hanging a couple of these in my studio. I’m pretty sure the wife won’t allow them in the living room, as I’ve been told it’s getting too geeky in there as it is. Sigh.

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