Boiler Speakers

It’s getting Steamy in Here!

Here are the speakers I built to match the Steam Amp. I originally had planned to build the rear chambers out of clear glass domes, but all of the glass domes I could find were a bit on the thin side for me, and I was nervous of them breaking. I then decided on Acrylic tubes, but eventually landed on just building copper cans. All in all I’m pretty happy with the end result, but I can’t seem to shake the desire to see them built from some clear material with some inner-workings in there showing through.. maybe next time! I’m not nearly finished chasing the rabbit down the audio hole, so there will be many more amps as well as speakers to go with them in the future.

My only regret with these is that of driver choice. I used these drivers because they look like they’re made of copper. They look really cool, but are certainly not Hi-Fi drivers by any stretch. They can’t come close to doing justice to the quality of the sound coming from the tube amp they’re connected to. That being said… they sound pretty darned good considering they’re 4-inch, full-range drivers in a copper can, and they do get quite loud, which earns them points in the drunken party arena.

My next speaker project will be a true audiophile dream-build, if all goes according to plan. Of course they’ll cost an order of magnitude more to build, but you have to sacrifice for your art, right?

These pieces are on their way to Connecticut as I’m typing this to be shown in the Steampunk Bizarre 2011 show. I hope everyone likes them! I had a blast building ’em.


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  1. hi, nice job sir, you should use Lowther full range drivers, while they don’t look like they are made of copper, the white driver cone would certainly stand out, and they would be a proper audiophile project. I would say good luck with your next project, but but you look like you know what you’re doing, so luck doesn’t seem to be a factor, keep it up.

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