The Boiler Wall Sconces

This is a piece I designed some time ago, and just recently got around to building for a client in Canada. He contacted me and wanted three of them for a house he was doing interior design for. I actually started building four of them because I wanted one for myself, but wound up running short on time because I was trying to meet a deadline on the three he needed. The fourth one sits unfinished so far as of this writing.

The wooden ring is made out of Hickory and stained with a coffee gel stain. The three I sent off to Canada were dowelled together as seen in the first photo, the fourth one has walnut biscuits so you can see a darker wood key at the seams around the edges. I liked that look much better, and it was infinitely easier to build. Of course I figured that out after I had built the first three.

The ball is an 8″ diameter copper hemisphere with a 1o” diameter by 1/8″ brass ring soldered at the base, and a 5″ brass ring soldered to the front to hold the glass fresnel lens. Brass screws and bolts finish it all off.

I’d originally designed these for LED lighting, so heat wasn’t and issue. The client wanted them to be incandescent however, so these three have spacers between the metal ball and the wooden ring so they can breathe when hanging on the wall. The bulb is 35 watts.

All in all a very fun little project! I’ll post some nice photos in the gallery when I get the last one finished up and photographed.



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    • Hey Tristan, thanks! Believe it or not, those lenses are from a bathroom in-cieling fixture that I found on-line. I just had to extricate the glass from the metal trim ring. I wanted to use genuine theatre fixture fresnel lenses, but good grief, they cost almost a hundred bucks each!

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