The Model 42 Æther Reactor


Here are the final shots of my new Steampunk sculpture, the Model 42 Æther Reactor. The images aren’t quite up to the quality level that my friend Jeff was able to give me on my previous pieces, but they will do in a pinch. Not bad though for being shot in my dining room with a couple cans from Home Depot with Halogen floods. I also shot these with my 12-24 DX zoom, which is far from an optimal portrait lens. I see a 35 or 50 mm lens in my future…

So glad to be completely done with this piece and on to new ideas!



3 thoughts on “The Model 42 Æther Reactor

  1. Checked out the show at the Shelburne Museum today – kewl stuff!

    What was all that about the FBI? Was it the same group that took all of Nikola Tesla’s stuff?

    Warren, from Jericho, Vermont

    • Hey Warren, thanks! Glad you liked the show..

      As far as the FBI thing.. yeah, probably the same division that has Tesla’s stuff.. haha. There’s a whole story behind all of these pieces, and some day if I can find the time and patience I plan to turn it all into a graphic novel of some sort. We’ll see if I ever get around to that.. 😉


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