The DEUXamp Final Shots


Here are the final shots of my new steampunk amplifier project… The DEUXamp. A pair of 60-watt mono tube amplifiers, based upon the venerable Dynaco MKIII circuit. These amps use the octal driver circuit upgrade designed by Vacuum Tube Audio, and they sound absolutely fantastic… I highly recommend the upgrade if you are a MKIII owner.

I had originally intended to have brass and copper covers over the transformers, but upon finishing these, I have decided that I really like the contrast of the tubes in front of the black hulking iron behind them! I realize that without those covers they have less of a steampunk aesthetic, but I don’t think I mind that so much. I find that as I travel down this artist’s road, I am constantly changing my ideas of what steampunk means to me; sometimes I think steampunk goes a bit too far into the realm of overly-ornate; Sometimes, less is more.

Who knows though.. I may get a wild hair later on, and decide to build the covers just to satisfy my curiosity, but for the time being I am calling them finished.

Next on the list is the matching speakers, and after those are complete, the pre-amplifier to finish out the set. This has really turned out to be a much larger project than I had intended it to be, but that seems to be the the way these things always go for me.

At any rate.. enjoy the photos!