The Dimensional Analysis Engine

So this is what 9 months of hard labor will get you!

I feel like I’ve given steampunk birth. Not that I really know what that feels like, but after this project, I think I can guess.

This is by far the most elaborate piece I’ve done to date, and the added stress of trying to finish it in time for a show only made it that much more terrorizing a project. But it’s done now, and in the crate, and I am very happy with it, which is a big deal because there is always something I want to change about my pieces after I’m done with them. Not that if given an infinite amount of time I wouldn’t continue to tweak this thing to death, but for the most part.. I’m happy. And I’m walking away. Putting down the blowtorch, and putting my feet up for a bit, or more likely in the sand out at the beach.

At any rate.. here are the final shots of the Dimensional Analysis Engine, there will be some posts on the construction of this piece on the way, so stay tuned for some behind-the-scenes fun!


DAE Construction Shots

Here are a few shots from the construction of the Dimensional Analysis Engine.. I jumped around quite a bit when I built this thing, but I tried to put them into some sort of chronological order. I’m not going to go through any sort of step-by step on this one, I doubt I could without going insane, and you most likely wouldn’t enjoy reading all that anyhow!

I hope you get a kick out of these, and feel free to comment or email if you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer!