The Dream


A Steampunk Statement on Corporate Slavery..

I’m finally getting around to posting these final photos of “The Dream” that were taken by my friend Jeff. Thanks Jeff, you rule! I’m really, really liking the whole steampunk bio-mechanical angle. I have some really great ideas for a future piece involving more skulls and some femurs and other bones. I can’t wait!

This piece really has come to sum up the direction I am taking my work. The concept of the body being used after death to power the evil corporate empire’s computing machines is something that resonates so strongly in my mind that I can’t seem to break away from it.

I have this piece on display in my DeviantArt gallery along with my other works, and it is BY FAR the most popular piece among the people on that site, so I guess I struck a nerve.. I’m definitely going to make more works in this style!